GSH Complex® is a precursor for glutathione (also known as GSH). Glutathione is a naturally occuring and depleting protein in your body which gives it the ability to heal itself and to regenerate damaged cells. It also boost and up regulate your immune system.

This gives you the best possible protection against viral infections and diseases


  • Boost & Up Regulate Your Immune System
  • Body’s Master Antioxidant
  • Full Body Detoxification
  • Protect From EMF

GSH Complex


  • All From Basic Protection
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Better & Faster Nutrient Absorption
  • Cellular Hydrating Solution



 Health Canada Approved


Glutathione is at the base of your health! Your body is strong enough to heal itself from almost any condition or symptom but, as the glutathione levels depletes in your body, it loses its ability to fight against viral infections and diseases.

Actually, most chronic disease like diabetes, cancer and serious infections, are caused by a glutathione level decrease. Balancing it back up will fire your body’s intrinsic ability to remain disease free and will give it the power to fight back.

It is the master antioxidant, and all other antioxidants or vitamins will not function properly unless this one is fully active. It frees your body from toxins and up regulates your immune system.

It is the key to fighting the diseases that you fear the most. And, as it’s a naturally occurring protein in the body, it’s absolutely safe for the whole family to use.


“In terms of daily diet supplementation, GSH Complex® has now taken on the status of a super food for promoting optimal health, for possible prevention of disease and for its potential as an anti-aging agent.”
Dr. Robert Bender, & MD., FAAFP
“GSH Complex® came my way a few years ago and I tested it by giving it to my patients…. they felt wonderful, not just well.”
Dr. Deborah Baker
Can a person who is lactose intolerant take GSH Complex®?
Yes, GSH Complex® contains less than 1% lactose, which will not create any negative side effects even in the most severe case of lactose intolerance.

Purchase GSH Complex® today. If you’re not satisfied with the results within a 30 day period, just contact us anytime and we’ll refund the balance to your credit card. There’s absolutely no risk on your part! We are so confident, we even include a return label to make it easy to return!
No contract. Quit Anytime Guarantee. No strings attached, no long-term commitment. Start using it anytime, quit anytime. Return anytime with our easy cancellation procedures.

We spent many years trying to find the perfect solution to simple and natural health. Then, we discovered glutathione (GSH) that is backed by over 100,000 medical articles; it regenerates your cells, up-regulates the immune system and protects from toxins that weakens our cells and lead to disease and infections.

But don’t be fooled, it’s not that simple! Unlike other claimed GSH supplement, we do not simply give it to your body – that method doesn’t work effectively; it is unrecognizable to your body and it becomes a waste of time and money – and nobody wants that!

So, we came up with this brilliant solution: give your body the ability to create its own glutathione. We put it in a tripeptide intracellular glutathione precursor format in order to get the most effective, healthy, safe and palatable experience.

This brought us to GSH Complex®. It is your best solution to protect yourself and your family from viral infections and all sorts of other diseases. And it’s safe for the whole family to use!

Robert Gauthier, President, CEO

Health Canada Approved

NPN 80021489